I was skeptical about a fruit making you lose weight!!



So i have buckled down and decided to start this blog. This summer, i have decided to take up golf. i have been doing it for a couple weeks, but i only have played a total of 18 holes. i think i am going to have a hole count that i update weekly. Well, now for a bit of a catch up. My first 2 rounds(the course i played at, Van Buren Sky Links, is a 9 hole course), were, to say the least, interesting. My first round i was 16 over par(not good). The highlight of this round was when i hit my first shot(known as a tee shot) on the 5th hole onto the tee(place where you hit your first shot from) of the 3rd hole. as i was lining up for my second shot, of course another golfer drives up, and tells me i am hitting it the wrong way, until i told him i was actually on the 5th. He laughed his butt off!!! My second round was better, 10 over par(still not good though), but by the end of it, i didn’t care, i was having a blast! Cut to visiting my old high school(there is a reason for this). I visit an old teacher who is also the golf coach, and a good friend of mine. He gives me an entire club set, which is awesome! now, basically, i have just been practicing my swing, putting, chipping, pitching, etc. (i will try to explain what these are throughout my blog.) That is all for now, i will try to post at least once a week.

So i am new to Tumblr, and i am slightly confused by it, but whatever, i am rolling with the punches.